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You are here in the documentation part dedicated to the under development version of H2GIS, the spatial extension of the H2 database engine.

What is H2GIS?

In a nutshell: H2GIS is to H2 as PostGIS is to PostgreSQL.

H2GIS adds support for

Download the last unstable version

You can download the last unstable version of H2GIS here.

This version is under active development, so feel free to contact us if you are experiencing problems.

Get help

If you get stuck or just have a question, send us a line on our H2GIS user or developer mailing list. There is also the H2 Google Group. And developers can check out our Javadoc page.

Check back soon!

This documentation is currently under active development, so check back soon for updates!

If you have suggestions for topics we have not yet covered, or you have a tip that others could find useful, please file an issue and we’ll potentially include it in this guide.