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H2GIS provides several drivers for importing from and exporting to various file types.

Function Description
CSVRead CSV → Table
CSVWrite Table → CSV
DBFRead DBF → Table
DBFWrite Table → DBF
FILE_TABLE Link a table to a file
GPXRead GPX → Table
GeoJsonRead GeoJSON → Table
GeoJsonWrite Table → GeoJSON
JsonWrite Table → JSON
KMLWrite KML, KMZ → Table
OSMRead OSM → Table
SHPRead SHP → Table
SHPWrite Table → SHP
ST_AsGeoJson Geometry → GeoJSON
ST_AsKML Geometry → KML
ST_GeomFromGeoJson GeoJSON → Geometry
ST_OSMDownloader OSM → File
TSVRead TSV → Table
TSVWrite Table → TSV

Documented functions: 19/19.