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Process geometries

The following functions are available to process geometries:

Function Description
ST_ISOVist Compute the visibility from a point
ST_LineIntersector Split an input LINESTRING with another geometry
ST_LineMerge Merges a collection of linear components to form maximal-length LINESTRING
ST_MakeValid Make a Geometry valid
ST_Node Add nodes on a geometry for each intersection
ST_Polygonize Create a MULTIPOLYGON from edges of Geometries
ST_PrecisionReducer Reduce a Geometry's precision
ST_RingSideBuffer Compute a ring buffer on one side
ST_SideBuffer Compute a single buffer on one side
ST_Simplify Simplify a Geometry
ST_SimplifyPreserveTopology Simplify a Geometry, preserving its topology
ST_Snap Snap two Geometries together
ST_Split Split Geometry A by Geometry B