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H2Network extends the H2 / H2GIS geospatial database to provide graph routing functionalities.

H2Network offers a collection of SQL functions on top of the Java Network Analyzer (JNA) library.

JNA provides a collection of graph theory and social network analysis algorithms. These algorithms are implemented on mathematical graphs using the JGraphT library.

Install H2Network

H2Network is delivered with the H2GIS binaries. So to install H2Network just run the following instructions.


H2Network functions

The following SQL functions are available:

Function Description
ST_Accessibility Calculate, from each vertex, the (distance to the) closest destination
ST_ConnectedComponents Calculate the (strongly) connected components of a graph
ST_Graph Produce nodes and edges tables from an input table containing (MULTI)LINESTRINGS
ST_GraphAnalysis Calculate closeness/betweenness centrality of vertices and edges
ST_ShortestPath Calculate shortest path(s) between vertices in a graph
ST_ShortestPathLength Calculate length(s) of shortest path(s) and distance matrices
ST_ShortestPathTree Calculate shortest path tree from a vertex


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