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Here is a list of all functions included in H2GIS.

Function Description
CSVRead CSV → Table
CSVWrite Table → CSV
DBFRead DBF → Table
DBFWrite Table → DBF
DoubleRange Return an array of doubles
FILE_TABLE Link a table to a file
GPXRead GPX → Table
GeoJsonRead GeoJSON → Table
GeoJsonWrite Table → GeoJSON
H2GISversion Return H2GIS version
IntegerRange Return an array of integers
JsonWrite Table → JSON
KMLWrite KML, KMZ → Table
OSMRead OSM → Table
SHPRead SHP → Table
SHPWrite Table → SHP
ST_3DArea Return a polygon's 3D area
ST_3DLength Return the 3D length of a Linestring
ST_3DPerimeter Return the 3D perimeter of a (multi)polygon
ST_Accessibility Calculate, from each vertex, the (distance to the) closest destination
ST_Accum Construct an array of Geometries
ST_AddPoint Add a point to a Geometry
ST_AddZ Add a value to the z-coordinate of a Geometry
ST_Area Return a Geometry's area
ST_AsBinary Geometry → Well Known Binary
ST_AsGML Geometry → GML
ST_AsGeoJson Geometry → GeoJSON
ST_AsKML Geometry → KML
ST_AsText Alias for ST_AsWKT
ST_AsWKT Geometry → Well Known Text
ST_Azimuth Return the azimuth of the segment from point A to point B
ST_Boundary Return a Geometry's boundary
ST_BoundingCircle Return the minimum bounding circle of a Geometry
ST_Buffer Compute a buffer around a Geometry
ST_Centroid Return the centroid of a Geometry
ST_ClosestCoordinate Return the coordinate(s) of a Geometry closest to a POINT
ST_ClosestPoint Return the point of Geometry A closest to Geometry B
ST_Collect Construct an array of Geometries
ST_CollectionExtract Filter a Geometry with its dimension
ST_CompactnessRatio Return the square root of a POLYGON's area divided by the area of the circle with circumference equal to its perimeter
ST_ConnectedComponents Calculate the (strongly) connected components of a graph
ST_ConstrainedDelaunay Compute a constrained Delaunay triangulation based on a geometry
ST_Contains Return true if Geometry A contains Geometry B
ST_ConvexHull Compute the smallest convex POLYGON that contains all the points in the Geometry
ST_CoordDim Return the dimension of the coordinates of a Geometry
ST_Covers Return true if no point in Geometry B is outside Geometry A
ST_Crosses Return true if Geometry A crosses Geometry B
ST_DWithin Return true if the Geometries are within the specified distance of one another
ST_Delaunay Compute a Delaunay triangulation based on points
ST_Densify Insert extra vertices along the line segments of a Geometry
ST_Difference Compute the difference between two geometries
ST_Dimension Return the dimension of a Geometry
ST_Disjoint Return true Geometries A and B are disjoint
ST_Distance Return the distance between two Geometries
ST_Drape Drape a geometry to a set of triangles
ST_EndPoint Return the last coordinate of a LINESTRING
ST_Envelope Return a Geometry's envelope as a Geometry
ST_EnvelopesIntersect Return true if the envelope of Geometry A intersects the envelope of Geometry B
ST_Equals Return true if Geometry A equals Geometry B
ST_Expand Expand a Geometry's envelope
ST_Explode Explode GEOMETRYCOLLECTIONs into multiple Geometries
ST_Extent Return the minimum bounding box of a GEOMETRYCOLLECTION
ST_ExteriorRing Return the exterior ring of a POLYGON
ST_Extrude Extrude a geometry
ST_FlipCoordinates Flip the X and Y coordinates of a Geometry
ST_Force2D 3D Geometry → 2D Geometry
ST_Force3D 2D Geometry → 3D Geometry
ST_FurthestCoordinate Compute the furthest coordinate(s) contained in a Geometry starting from a POINT
ST_GeomFromGML GML → Geometry
ST_GeomFromGeoJson GeoJSON → Geometry
ST_GeomFromText Well Known Text → Geometry
ST_GeomFromWKB Well Known Binary → Geometry
ST_GeometryN Return the nth Geometry of a GEOMETRYCOLLECTION
ST_GeometryShadow Compute the shadow footprint for a single geometry
ST_GeometryType Return the type of a Geometry
ST_GeometryTypeCode Return the OGC SFS type code of a Geometry
ST_GoogleMapLink Geometry → Google map link
ST_Graph Produce nodes and edges tables from an input table containing (MULTI)LINESTRINGS
ST_GraphAnalysis Calculate closeness/betweenness centrality of vertices and edges
ST_Holes Return a Geometry's holes
ST_ISOVist Compute the visibility from a point
ST_InteriorRingN Return the nth interior ring of a POLYGON
ST_Interpolate3DLine Return a Geometry with a interpolation of z values.
ST_Intersection Compute the intersection of two Geometries
ST_Intersects Return true if Geometry A intersects Geometry B
ST_Is3D Return 1 if a Geometry has at least one z-coordinate; 0 otherwise
ST_IsClosed Return true if a Geometry is a closed LINESTRING or MULTILINESTRING
ST_IsEmpty Return true if a Geometry is empty
ST_IsRectangle Return true if the Geometry is a rectangle
ST_IsRing Return true if a LINESTRING is ring
ST_IsSimple Return true if a Geometry is simple
ST_IsValid Return true if the Geometry is valid
ST_IsValidDetail Return a valid detail as an array of objects
ST_IsValidReason Return text stating if a geometry is valid or not and if not valid, a reason why
ST_Length Return the length of a Linestring
ST_LineFromText Well Known Text → LINESTRING
ST_LineFromWKB Well Known Binary → LINESTRING
ST_LineIntersector Split an input LINESTRING with another geometry
ST_LineMerge Merges a collection of linear components to form maximal-length LINESTRING
ST_LocateAlong Return a MULTIPOINT containing points along the line segments of a Geometry at a given segment length fraction and offset distance
ST_LongestLine Returns the 2-dimensional longest LINESTRING between the points of two geometries
ST_MLineFromText Well Known Text → MULTILINESTRING
ST_MPointFromText Well Known Text → MULTIPOINT
ST_MPolyFromText Well Known Text → MULTIPOLYGON
ST_MakeEllipse Construct an ellipse
ST_MakeEnvelope Create a rectangular Polygon
ST_MakeGrid Calculate a regular grid of POLYGONs based on a Geometry or a table of Geometries
ST_MakeGridPoints Calculate a regular grid of POINTs based on a Geometry or a table of Geometries
ST_MakePoint Construct a POINT from two or three coordinates
ST_MakeValid Make a Geometry valid
ST_MaxDistance Compute the maximum distance between two geometries
ST_MinimumDiameter Return the minimum diameter of a Geometry
ST_MinimumRectangle Return the minimum rectangle enclosing a Geometry
ST_MultiplyZ Return a Geometry's z-values by a factor
ST_NPoints Return the number of points in a Geometry
ST_Node Add nodes on a geometry for each intersection
ST_Normalize Return a Geometry with a normal form
ST_NumGeometries Return the number of Geometries in a GEOMETRYCOLLECTION
ST_NumInteriorRing Alias for ST_NumInteriorRings
ST_NumInteriorRings Return the number of interior rings of a Geometry
ST_NumPoints Return the number of points in a Linestring
ST_OSMDownloader OSM → File
ST_OSMMapLink Geometry → OSM map link
ST_OctogonalEnvelope Return the octogonal envelope of a Geometry
ST_OrderingEquals Returns TRUE if Geometry A equals Geometry B and their coordinates and component Geometries are listed in the same order
ST_Overlaps Return true if Geometry A overlaps Geometry B
ST_Perimeter Return the perimeter of a (multi)polygon
ST_Point Construct a POINT from two or three coordinates
ST_PointFromText Well Known Text → POINT
ST_PointFromWKB Well Known Binary → POINT
ST_PointN Return the nth point of a LINESTRING
ST_PointOnSurface Return an interior or boundary point of a Geometry
ST_PolyFromText Well Known Text → POLYGON
ST_PolyFromWKB Well Known Binary → POLYGON
ST_Polygonize Create a MULTIPOLYGON from edges of Geometries
ST_PrecisionReducer Reduce a Geometry's precision
ST_ProjectPoint Project a POINT on a (MULTI)LINESTRING
ST_Relate Return the DE-9IM intersection matrix of the two Geometries or true if they are related by the given intersection matrix
ST_RemoveDuplicatedCoordinates Remove duplicated coordinates from a Geometry
ST_RemoveHoles Remove a Geometry's holes
ST_RemovePoints Return a Geometry with vertices less
ST_RemoveRepeatedPoints Remove repeated points from a Geometry
ST_Reverse Reverse the vertex order of a Geometry
ST_Reverse3DLine Potentially reverse a Geometry according to the z-values of its first and last coordinates
ST_RingBuffer Return a MULTIPOLYGON of buffers centered at a Geometry and of increasing buffer Size
ST_RingSideBuffer Compute a ring buffer on one side
ST_Rotate Rotate a Geometry counter-clockwise by an angle (in radians) about a point
ST_SRID Return a SRID value
ST_SVF Compute the Sky View Factor
ST_Scale Scale a Geometry by multiplying the ordinates by the indicated scale factors
ST_SetSRID Return a copy of a Geometry with a new SRID
ST_ShortestLine Returns the 2-dimensional shortest LINESTRING between two geometries
ST_ShortestPath Calculate shortest path(s) between vertices in a graph
ST_ShortestPathLength Calculate length(s) of shortest path(s) and distance matrices
ST_ShortestPathTree Calculate shortest path tree from a vertex
ST_SideBuffer Compute a single buffer on one side
ST_Simplify Simplify a Geometry
ST_SimplifyPreserveTopology Simplify a Geometry, preserving its topology
ST_Snap Snap two Geometries together
ST_Split Split Geometry A by Geometry B
ST_StartPoint Return the first coordinate of a LINESTRING
ST_SunPosition Compute the sun position
ST_SymDifference Compute the symmetric difference between two Geometries
ST_Tessellate Tessellate a set of Polygon with adaptive triangles
ST_ToMultiLine Geometry's coordinates → MULTILINESTRING
ST_ToMultiPoint Geometry's coordinates → MULTIPOINT
ST_Touches Return true if Geometry A touches Geometry B
ST_Transform Transform a Geometry from one CRS to another
ST_Translate Translate a Geometry
ST_TriangleAspect Return the aspect of a triangle
ST_TriangleContouring Split triangles into smaller triangles according to classes
ST_TriangleDirection Compute the direction of steepest ascent of a triangle
ST_TriangleSlope Compute the slope of a triangle as a percentage
ST_Union Compute the union of two or more Geometries
ST_UpdateZ Update the z-values of a Geometry
ST_Voronoi Create a Voronoi diagram.
ST_Within Return true if Geometry A is within Geometry B
ST_X Return the x-value of the first coordinate of a Geometry
ST_XMax Return the maximum x-value of a Geometry
ST_XMin Return the minimum x-value of a Geometry
ST_Y Return the y-value of the first coordinate of a Geometry
ST_YMax Return the maximum y-value of a Geometry
ST_YMin Return the minimum y-value of a Geometry
ST_Z Return the z-value of the first coordinate of a Geometry
ST_ZMax Return the maximum z-value of a Geometry
ST_ZMin Return the minimum z-value of a Geometry
ST_ZUpdateLineExtremities Update the start and end z-values of a Geometry
TSVRead TSV → Table
TSVWrite Table → TSV

Documented functions: 192/192.