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Quick-start guide

Download the latest H2GIS web interface on the home page, unzip it and finally run the jar called h2-dist. Then click on Connect in the web interface. You will of course need a working Java runtime environment.

Command-line gurus, just execute the following commands:

~ $ wget -O
~ $ unzip
~ $ cd h2gis-standalone
~/h2gis-standalone $ java -jar h2-dist-1.2.3.jar

Initialize the H2GIS extension

To load the spatial functions, the user must apply the SQL syntax:

CREATE ALIAS IF NOT EXISTS H2GIS_SPATIAL FOR "org.h2gis.functions.factory.H2GISFunctions.load";

To open a shape file and show its contents:

CALL FILE_TABLE('/home/user/myshapefile.shp', 'tablename');

Web interface

This is the built-in web interface of the H2 Database:

Graphical user interface

Software GUI that use H2GIS:

OrbisGIS 5.1