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Geometry 3D

Function Description
ST_3DArea Return a polygon's 3D area
ST_3DLength Return the 3D length or the 3D perimeter of a Geometry
ST_3DPerimeter Return the 3D perimeter of a (multi)polygon
ST_AddZ Add a value to the z-coordinate of a Geometry
ST_ConstrainedDelaunay Compute a constrained Delaunay triangulation based on a geometry
ST_Delaunay Compute a Delaunay triangulation based on points
ST_Drape Drape a geometry to a set of triangles
ST_Extrude Extrude a geometry
ST_Force3D 2D Geometry → 3D Geometry
ST_GeometryShadow Compute the shadow footprint for a single geometry
ST_Interpolate3DLine Return a Geometry with a interpolation of z values.
ST_Is3D Return 1 if a Geometry has at least one z-coordinate; 0 otherwise
ST_MultiplyZ Return a Geometry's z-values by a factor
ST_Reverse3DLine Potentially reverse a Geometry according to the z-values of its first and last coordinates
ST_SVF Compute the Sky View Factor
ST_SunPosition Compute the sun position
ST_Tessellate Tessellate a set of Polygon with adaptive triangles
ST_TriangleAspect Return the aspect of a triangle
ST_TriangleContouring Split triangles into smaller triangles according to classes
ST_TriangleDirection Compute the direction of steepest ascent of a triangle
ST_TriangleSlope Compute the slope of a triangle as a percentage
ST_UpdateZ Update the z-values of a Geometry
ST_Voronoi Create a Voronoi diagram.
ST_Z Return the z-value of the first coordinate of a Geometry
ST_ZMax Return the maximum z-value of a Geometry
ST_ZMin Return the minimum z-value of a Geometry
ST_ZUpdateLineExtremities Update the start and end z-values of a Geometry

Documented functions: 27/27.