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The following property functions are available:

Function Description
ST_Boundary Return a Geometry's boundary
ST_Centroid Return the centroid of a Geometry
ST_CompactnessRatio Return the square root of a POLYGON's area divided by the area of the circle with circumference equal to its perimeter
ST_CoordDim Return the dimension of the coordinates of a Geometry
ST_Dimension Return the dimension of a Geometry
ST_Distance Return the distance between two Geometries
ST_EndPoint Return the last coordinate of a LINESTRING
ST_Envelope Return a Geometry's envelope as a Geometry
ST_Explode Explode GEOMETRYCOLLECTIONs into multiple Geometries
ST_Extent Return the minimum bounding box of a GEOMETRYCOLLECTION
ST_ExteriorRing Return the exterior ring of a POLYGON
ST_GeometryN Return the nth Geometry of a GEOMETRYCOLLECTION
ST_GeometryType Return the type of a Geometry
ST_InteriorRingN Return the nth interior ring of a POLYGON
ST_IsClosed Return true if a Geometry is a closed LINESTRING or MULTILINESTRING
ST_IsEmpty Return true if a Geometry is empty
ST_IsRectangle Return true if the Geometry is a rectangle
ST_IsRing Return true if a LINESTRING is ring
ST_IsSimple Return true if a Geometry is simple
ST_IsValid Return true if the Geometry is valid
ST_IsValidDetail Return a valid detail as an array of objects
ST_IsValidReason Return text stating if a geometry is valid or not and if not valid, a reason why
ST_NPoints Return the number of points in a Geometry
ST_NumGeometries Return the number of Geometries in a GEOMETRYCOLLECTION
ST_NumInteriorRing Alias for ST_NumInteriorRings
ST_NumInteriorRings Return the number of interior rings of a Geometry
ST_NumPoints Return the number of points in a Linestring
ST_PointN Return the nth point of a LINESTRING
ST_PointOnSurface Return an interior or boundary point of a Geometry
ST_SRID Return a SRID value
ST_StartPoint Return the first coordinate of a LINESTRING
ST_X Return the x-value of the first coordinate of a Geometry
ST_XMax Return the maximum x-value of a Geometry
ST_XMin Return the minimum x-value of a Geometry
ST_Y Return the y-value of the first coordinate of a Geometry
ST_YMax Return the maximum y-value of a Geometry
ST_YMin Return the minimum y-value of a Geometry