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The following measurements functions are available:

Function Description
ST_Area Return a Geometry's area
ST_ClosestCoordinate Return the coordinate(s) of a Geometry closest to a POINT
ST_ClosestPoint Return the point of Geometry A closest to Geometry B
ST_FurthestCoordinate Compute the furthest coordinate(s) contained in a Geometry starting from a POINT
ST_Length Return the length of a Linestring
ST_LocateAlong Return a MULTIPOINT containing points along the line segments of a Geometry at a given segment length fraction and offset distance
ST_LongestLine Returns the 2-dimensional longest LINESTRING between the points of two geometries
ST_MaxDistance Compute the maximum distance between two geometries
ST_Perimeter Return the perimeter of a (multi)polygon
ST_ProjectPoint Project a POINT on a (MULTI)LINESTRING
ST_ShortestLine Returns the 2-dimensional shortest LINESTRING between two geometries